10 things I wish I knew before turning 30…

  • With my 35TH birthday just around the corner I thought I’d round up a list of things I wish I knew before I actually turned 30. When I think about turning 35 I immediately think, 5 years til 40, and literally start to panic lol. Not that I’m afraid of getting old or am dreading it altogether but it’s really like, wow little ole me is gonna be 40 soon. I start to think of all the things I wanna do, need to do, wanted to do, or just haven’t done (yet) and start to worry that my time is running low. There’s this thing people have with growing old (especially women) that gets them worked up about multiple things, including the concept of time. Since entering the “Dirty 30″ years of my life I’ve learned so much about myself! My 20’s were the decade of fun, mistakes, several friendships (most of which have ended), love, heartbreak, experiences, partying, drinking, reinventing myself (I’m sure I’ve had every hair color you can think of), finding myself, losing myself & finding myself again. My 20’s was a roller coaster ride to say the least lol but I can truly say I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Now that I’ve survived the first 4 yrs of my 30’s I have some things I wish someone would’ve told me before 6/25/2014 lol. Where are all my Cancers at?! We get a bad rap but we’re definitely the best sign in the zodiac 😆.
  • 1. All the partying and drinking will rarely happen, if ever. Now one night of partying requires 3-5 business days of recuperating and 3 solid days of uninterrupted sleep. Just the thought of chugging down vodka makes my stomach queasy. Wine will be your best friend and bedtime is 10 pm lol.

    2. Men will grow older in age but that’s about it lol. I think I read somewhere that men don’t mentally mature until 43 yrs old…yep, let that sink in.

    3. People will enter your life for seasons and leave once their time is up, let them. Your sanity is worth more than history.

    4. Your stomach cannot tolerate all the junk you choose to eat lol your diet will need to change.

    5. Shit will happen, things will fall a part, sometimes the failure is just a lesson in disguise. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    6. Turning 30 doesn’t mean your life automatically falls into place, you’re still learning every single day. Your journey doesn’t stop, chin up it gets better.

    7. Turning 30 doesn’t automatically come with the husband and kids. It will happen when it’s meant to happen, relax you’re NOT running out of time.

    8. It’s all down hill from here lol nah but seriously your body will start to age 😭. Your feet will need good support shoes, your legs wont be as swift as they used to be and everything makes you tired…everything lol.

    9. The things you chose to ignore in your twenties will show up again and again and again until you acknowledge them. They will show up in different ways and in different people to teach you the same lesson(s), don’t ignore the signs. Procrastination is the devil.

    10. Last but certainly not least….play time is over! Lol…Now I don’t mean that in the literal sense (as we all know what they say about all work and no play) but your future is depending on today’s decisions. Don’t dedicate all of your time obsessing over the future but don’t neglect it either, focus on today but don’t forget about tomorrow.

    Birthdays have always been super special to me because of the opportunity to reflect on your past year. Although to many turning a year older comes with a plethora of worries and anxiety for me it’s a huge blessing. In my twenties it was all about parties and fun to bring in my birthday, now I’d rather do more low key things. Speaking of which, my birthday is a few days away and I still have no plans…as we get older birthdays definitely are just another day 😂.

    How do you guys celebrate your birthday? Do you have something big with a bunch of friends/family or do you do something more intimate and low key?? Any last minute ideas I could possibly borrow? Let me know down below! I can’t believe another year has come and gone just that fast. Time sure does fly when you hit them 30’s Lol.

    Here’s to another trip around the moon! 34 it’s been real ✌🏽

    Thanks for stopping by and as always, whatever you do, do it with style.

    Xx, Quita

    *Dress, shoes and fanny pack all from Boohoo. Com*